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Helping Women To Not Only GET Results, But KEEP Them... For Good!

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Everyone Talks About "Eating Less
and Moving More" and Why It's THE
#1 KEY To Taking Care of Yourself.
There's Just One Problem:

How Do You Actually Get Yourself To DO That??

You don't need a new 'kick ass' workout plan. And you certainly
don't need another diet...

You need a new way of THINKING.

Eat Play Love & Live™  was designed to help any modern-day woman
on a body transformation journey get there easier,
stay there longer, and enjoy it MUCH more
by changing nothing more than her thoughts.

Because what you say really is more important than what you do.


The Simplest Self-Care Solution for the Modern-Day Woman
who's ready to ditch the dieting, the restriction, the punishment, and the persuasion...


Get there EASIER. Stay there LONGER. Enjoy it MUCH more.

Eat, Play, Love,  AND Live.

(And Don't Forget To...)

Live This Way Happily, Easily, & Forever-ly.

Your body and health don't have to consume you, overwhelm you, or confuse you. And you certainly don't need to sacrifice JOY just to get there. Create the journey you'd be HAPPY to live with.

Imagine What Your Life Would Be Like If You Had Access To The EXACT Knowledge, Skills, And Abilities That Could Cut Straight To The Heart Of The SCIENCE Of Long-Term Transformation Rather Than Short-Term Change.

Imagine if you had a system that you could literally 'plug in' to your existing life that would allow you to get to the core issues that were keeping you stuck in struggle, stress, and 'self-sabotage'

Imagine if from this point forward you got your results faster, easier, and with more enjoyment and pleasure than ever before

Imagine if instead of simply creating CHANGE in your life, you were creating true, genuine, and long-term TRANSFORMATION

Imagine if every problem, obstacle, barrier and struggle you were facing could be addressed with a simple and straightforward solution strategy based in the SCIENCE of behavioral transformation at a brain-level rather than the the more common and less impactful 'motivational' approach used by most methods and 'experts'

Imagine if you truly saw the value of your experiences, truly engaged in the process, and truly experienced the freedom that YOU got started on this journey for in the first place

Imagine if you were confident enough and capable enough to confidently make the choices that brought fun and freedom into your life rather than burdening you with more 'weight' to carry around or 'drama' in your mind

Imagine if you were able to enjoy much greater levels of freedom in your life because your self-care plan got you better results, faster results, and longer lasting results that you actually wanted to work for... Yes, WANTED!

Your Eat, Play, Love, & Live Tour Guide:

I am certainly not your 'average' coach or educator... and how I teaches and educate is undoubtedly nothing like you've ever experienced before. But who wants 'average' anyways, right?

Here's some bits and pieces about me -- just in case you're wondering "Who is this Leanne Ellington gal?"

  • I am a former ‘fat girl’ (100 lbs. lost) turned mad scientist turned best-selling author, speaker, and coach, and now I help women tackle the ‘inner game’ of health AND happiness.
  • Until a few years ago, I was an expert at doing life the ‘hard way’.
  • If there was a way to make my 'health' plan stricter, blander or have more rules and restrictions, I was looking for it...
  • If there was a way to make goal-setting more brutal, more exhausting, and less fun, I was all over it...
  • If there was a way to convince, cajole, or outright bully myself into staying the course, I knew it inside and out...
  • And the result of all this struggling, striving, and suffering? It taught me exactly what DOESN’T work for transforming your health and happiness (in a way you can actually LIVE WITH and sustain!). For myself AND for the women I worked with for nearly 10 years in the health and fitness industry.

But The Pot Of Gold At The End of This Rainbow?

I was finally able to figure out how to help other women transform their bodies by changing the way they THINK (in addition to how they act and what they do)… but without it completely CONSUMING their life and every thought.

Combine it with the fact that spine surgery led me down a curveball-of-a-path studying brain science, now I’ve been able to combine changing your mind/body/spirit with changing the way you think…and (literally) make it a science.

Now the results are repeatable, predictable, and crazy-fast. (This is the kind of thing that sounds like B.S, but give me just an hour on the phone with a woman who’s struggled with her weight for YEARS and I can get to the core of her struggles and help her to create life-changing breakthroughs that change EVERYTHING)

You know, I’m always kind of uncomfortable sharing my ‘accolades’ (it always feels like bragging to me but MY coach is always telling me that I should ‘share my awesomeness’, so here goes…).

I’ve been featured on CNN, NBC, CBS, NEWS 13 and in Fitness Rx Magazine, PFP Magazine and am immensely grateful to have been chosen as a Huffington Post featured expert on women’s health.

In 2014, I wrote my first book called How to Ditch the Bitch: Winning the Inner Game of Transformation and watched in stunned amazement as it jumped to #3 on Amazon’s Best-Seller list within the first 72 hours, changing the lives of women all across the globe and completely altering my own beliefs about women’s readiness to embrace a more… cerebral approach to transforming not just their bodies, but their lives.

I have already helped countless women transform their self-image and drop their struggles with health and finding true and lasting happiness, and I KNOW I can help you too!

The ONLY Self-Care & Body Transformation Program That's Based In Neuroscience Rather Than Psychology, Positive Thinking, or the "Eat Less, Move More" Mentality.

You see, most 'body' approaches are based in psychology using such concepts as 'positive thinking' and 'mindset' and 'creating change' as the underlying principles.

These approaches tend to assume that if you 'want your change badly enough' that you will simply take action and POOF! your change is pretty much guaranteed.

In addition, they tend to state that if you don't change, if you don't take the 'appropriate actions', you simply lack willpower, are 'self sabotaging', or simply don't have 'a big enough why'.

The theory is clear:

If you have big enough goals and want them badly enough then transformation is inevitable.

But that's just theory and, of course, it's rarely how things play out in real life.

In real life, things 'get in the way'. Reactions, habits, instincts and life in general put themselves in the way of your goals and visions, so that no matter how big the 'why', no matter how badly you want it, no matter how much you truly want to achieve it, the goal evades you.

Up til now there has been seemingly little or no rhyme or reason for why this is the case and so, of course, you have been left feeling like weak-willed, self-sabotaging, unmotivated 'failures'.

What make it worse is that these views are often supported by other people in your life... including your coaches, trainers, nutritionists and even family!

But despite what you think, what you’ve heard, or what you’ve been told:

You are NOT crazy, weak-willed, or unmotivated.

You are NOT overemotional, a worrywart, or an over thinker.

And you're NOT selfish, irresponsible, or superficial for wanting to like how you look, move, and feel in your body.

You're a woman, and your body makes you so!

You KNOW that you feel better, are happier, and enjoy your life MORE when you feel good in your body.

And (hopefully) you're starting to figure it out that you’re able to be a better woman, partner, mother, sister, friend, boss, employee, etc…

AND better able to support, serve, love, and care for those that are most important to you…if you 'do you' FIRST-- if you support and care for yourself FIRST.

It's Time To 'Do You'!

And what makes the Eat, Play, Love, Live approach so powerful is that it isn't a motivational coaching system at all!

It's a 'direct-line' into the brain-science of transforming behaviors (even the ones that have kept you stuck for as long as you can remember!) by giving the brain the EXACT experiences it requires in order to make them permanent.

During our time together on Eat, Play, Love, Live we'll work zone by zone through the brain, learn what it wants and what it needs in order to change and then transform so that the best Self-Care plan for you is never a 'best guess' roll of the dice again, and instead becomes a predictable and reproducible science that you can apply quickly and easily to accelerate your results AND keep them long term.

Get Off the Up-and-Down Diet Roller Coaster Once and For All.

Most programs completely ignore the mental, emotional, and social components of the modern-day woman and essentially are created for success only when you're living inside the "lose weight, get healthy" bubble

Here's How It Works:

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    You'll get IMMEDIATE access to the Eat.Play.Love.Live Lifer's Club & Starter Bundle (Get started RIGHT AWAY!)

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    There are Monthly 'Bundles', each with their own line of focus, designed to give you a sound, scientific, and strategic approach to you can create your own predictable, reproduceable, and thoroughly enjoyable results pathway.

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    You'll also get access to our ever-growing arsenal of tools specifically designed to create both rapid change and Long-term transformation. These will come in a wide array of formats so that you can consume them in the fashion that fits best for YOU, including downloadable Worksheets, Exercises, Follow-Along Video AND Audio Lessons, and easy-to-navigate tutorials.

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    The entire program is designed to be able to build your studies and practice around YOUR life (rather than it taking over your life!). As long as you're a member, the content never goes away. Plus the way it's been set it up, there is no such thing as "getting behind". It's designed to be taken at your own pace -- however you see fit.

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    You'll also get access to the EPLL Lifer's Private Members-Only Community where (not only will you have ME supporting and guiding you along the way, but) you'll have access to the brains and experiences of the women that are on the same journey as you...but have already been living the EPLL philosophies and systems for a while.

Here's What You Get When You Register:


The Foundations

Every woman needs her own (what I call) Inner Compass.

When you don't feel centered in yourself and you don't feel like you're making rational decisions, THAT is when you make poor decisions. THAT is when you get off track. But YOUR inner compass brings you back time and time again. Back to your rational self. Back to peace. Back to love.

But you can't use someone else's compass-- you need your own. And that's the first thing we'll be doing --creating YOURS.

Then Each Month You'll Get:

The Monthly Bundle

Each month you'll get a new and exclusive bundle jam-packed full of the powerful strategies and systems you need to help you to up-level your mind, body, and brain. Access exclusive courses on a wide range of topics. I’ll show you how to do what you need to do in order to eat, play, love, & live...easily, happily, and foreverly.

These are the systems and tools and pathways that I've been using on myself and with my clients for years. But you'll be getting the tweaked versions, the short cuts, and the easier, smoother, already-been-paved road to get there.

One focus at a time. One bundle at a time. One step at a time.

It's building success on top of success on top of success. This creates this compounding snowball effect!

Bonus Guides & Resources

Workbooks, tutorials & more to help you uplevel your life & get to where you want to go. From video masterclasses & printables to cheat sheets & guided relaxations, these resources will help you implement what you’re learning and keep things interesting!

The EPLL Lifer's Community

Connect with other like-minded women from around the world that are on their own version of this same journey. You’ll build incredible friendships with others who completely understand what you’re going through. Not to mention myself and the rest of the EPLL family that will be there to guide you and support you.  Our private Facebook community ensures a free flow of conversation between all of us, so that you’ll be able to get the answers you need. We’re all here to help you.

Monthly Q&A Masterclass

Yes you'll get the insight and the information that you need to completely transform your life, but when it comes to the implementation and LIVING this lifestyle, we all need a lil' support. Each month you'll get a live Q&A & Masterclass, where you can get your questions answered and your sticking points addressed. We will make sure we get you super-clear about what you want to achieve & how you’re going to do it.

PLUS...This Special Pre-Launch Bonus!

(A $197 Value!)

Back when I was working in the fitness industry, some of my clients really did ONLY need to change their diet and start exercising more.

For some women, workout and nutrition programs were enough to completely change their life forever. But most of them were being held back by something BIGGER.

Most of them were caught up in the SAME up-and-down, short-term-change roller coaster that I had been stuck on for decades.

The one that kept me feeling like a SLAVE to dieting and a SLAVE to working out “harder, faster, more”.

And just like me, none of them really had a food ‘problem’ or a motivation ‘problem’...

It was a THINKING problem.

It was the Self-Image that had been engrained in their mind, body, and brain that was dictating their every move, what they would SEE, and who they would BE.

It was the goggles with which they were seeing themselves and food and their body. THAT was what was CAUSING their physical struggles.

Enter in my 30-Day (Not Your Average) Boot Camp

What if I there was a 'magic wand' that could be waved that magically gave you a new whole story about yourself and your body...and gave you a whole new 'compass' with which to live your life?

What if you could have a whole new outlook, a whole new mindset, and a whole new set of beliefs around who you "think you are" or around habits that have been around so long you think that's "just how you are"?

What if all of that could create a DRAMATIC shift in your life just a few weeks -- a shift that created the foundations you needed to set you up for success after success, again and again?

Well I truly believe it's possible to create that, and I've jam-packed this potent system of thinking into a succinct, bite-sized 30 day 'Boot Camp' that you can experience and digest to TRULY change your thinking (and your life).

This 'boot camp' is what I would have shared back in the day if I “knew then what I know now.” It would have been my way of TRULY changing the game for them… and now it's my way of TRULY setting YOU up for life-long transformation.

Before we even talk about "what to eat" or "how to move", we need to address and transform what is going on INSIDE.

I refer to it as a 'boot camp' because it's a special 30-days specifically geared towards up-leveling your mindset (and your brainset) in a potent (but bite-sized) way, so you can get off the ground running!

This is where we'll REALLY build the foundations that YOU need moving forward (including designing and distilling YOUR Inner Compass of Peace and the breadcrumbs that YOU personally need to keep 'coming back' to yourself')

But I assure you, it's Not Your Average Boot Camp. It's more of a 'mental boot camp'.

What I'm saying is this: Drink THIS 'kool aid' for 30 days. Allow me to help you rewire your brain. Allow me to help you reframe your thinking.

Let's go totally up-level your self-esteem -- and get you trusting and believing in yourself again.

This powerful 'boot camp' was designed to help you go do just THAT over the course of the next 30 days...and I have a feeling MIRACLES will start to happen. You'll see 🙂

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Eat, Play, Love, Live Is PERFECT For You If...

  • You want to TRULY commit to creating lasting TRANSFORMATION rather than temporary change in all areas of your life (but especially when it comes to your health and self-care)
  • You "know what to do", but can't get yourself to actually DO it...or do it for more than a little while.
  • You’re DONE doing the one-step forward, two-steps backwards 'dance', and you're ready to finally address the CAUSES of your struggles, rather than staying at the superficial level where you're dealing with EFFECTS
  • You’re ready to stop spending tons of time, energy, and money on books, programs, and cookie-cutter plans that don't set you up for permanent success AND make you hate your journey while you're on it.
  • You’re done feeling like YOU are the reason you haven't crossed the 'finishline' yet-- sick of feeling like you are 'your own worst enemy' or a 'self-sabotager'.
  • You’re ready to stop beating yourself up, talking yourself off ledges, and feeling like your body is an all-consuming hassle in your life


  • If you're looking for a quick fix, or a magic bullet, or a miracle pill. This is not that kind of program.
  • If you're looking for a police woman or a belt-tightener. This is not that kind of program.
  • If you're looking for a harsher diet, more intense training, or a way to kick it up 100 notches. This is actually a 'less is more' approach.
  • If you're looking for someone else to do it FOR you, again this isn’t that kind of program.

If you're finally ready to end the constant, never-ending battle between your mind and your body, your head and your heart, this program was designed for you.

Because let's face it: "Loving your body" is something many of us can do with words and the intellect; but without behavioral shifts and THINKING shifts, it's essentially useless (and even potentially harmful).

If dieting worked you'd be off OFF this up-and-down roller coaster by now.

If joining a gym or expensive workout programs were the solution, you wouldn't have to FIGHT to get yourself there on a regular basis.

And if you DID already know what the solution was, you would be DOING it by now.

But the solution isn't out there. If it was, you would have found it by now.

And right now you're at a crossroads:

  • You're painfully aware that there's this ongoing battle between your head and your heart... and no matter what you do, your emotional self seems to have more powerful 'weapons' than your logical self .
  • You know you can't keep going down this same road of 'insanity' doing the same things over and over again (and expecting different results)... but your truth tells you that you don't know a better alternative, and that in itself scares the crap out of you.
  • You've tried every method, system, diet, jump start, and alternative under the sun -- everything BUT changing your mind and your thinking ....but "thinking your way positive" never worked very long, and you're tired of trying to do this alone.

You know something's gotta give.

And that something has to be different than anything
you've ever tried before.

You're not trying to look like a supermodel, a stick figure, or your 21-year-old self.

You simply want to feel confident in your body, comfortable in your own skin, and not have to OBSESS over every morsel of food you consume or the number on the scale.

You're NOT lazy, but you also don't want to go work your butt off just to end up right back where you started shortly thereafter (and we don't blame you!)

You're not necessarily looking for EASY...but you know it doesn't have to be so HARD.

You're right. It doesn't.

Call Off The War Within. Declare A Mental Truce.

Heal your relationship with food, your body, and your heart this time.

Taking care of yourself doesn't have to mean non-stop worrying, extreme dieting, or living in the gym. GET results and KEEP your results...

  • Without counting out calories
  • Without weighing and measuring your foods
  • Without starving yourself or drinking those nasty 'skinny shakes'
  • Without spending your life in the gym
  • Without adding in MORE to your already overstuffed, overstretched, overwhelmed schedule
  • Without overhauling your entire life just to make it work
  • Without SUFFERING to 'get into shape' only to gain it all back within a week

How Did Women From Past Programs Do?

We'll let THEM tell you...

From the very start of this course I have known that this is different to the 'usual' program.  The idea of 'self care' always felt a bit fluffy to me before, but Leanne manages to explain it in a way which resonates with me and it has really started to change the way I look at things day to day. After 8 weeks I feel like I have learnt things that will stick with me forever and I'm excited for the work that is still to come."

- Jennifer W, Sydney, Australia

"Since starting this course, I have realized that I have been running away from life and myself for the past decade. Within two months, I am beginning to have a positive outlook on what I can be and have smiled more than I can remember. After talking to Leanne and taking part in group chats, I know that it's the small things that are the strongest and biggest game changers. I am now excited about life again! "

- Angela C., Newcastle, England

"This has been a life changing experience for me. I’m learning to accept myself and take care of me and the body I have. I agree when you said that we only have one body to live in, so why not take care of it right? I WANT to love me, be me, and for people to love the “real” me.

I swear to you that I'm a walking product of your teachings. This has totally transformed my life and body.  I think about ¼ of me has melted away. My stomach can't even handle all the junk anymore either. All my friends are seeing my results and are following in my footsteps. Feeling amazing and beautiful has become an addiction for me. It's an amazing feeling to be able look in the mirror and love what you see. Recently I was able to REALLY look at myself in the eyes and love what I'm seeing in that mirror. You are my hero, for real!"

- Ainoy M. , Altamonte Springs, FL

“I feel like your teachings lifted a veil from my eyes. It’s not just what you said, but how you said it. It’s only been a few weeks, and I already feel SO much better, and it feels so easy to keep up with my routine now that I have my own 'game plan’ (see I’m talking like you now too!) Who knew that changing my thinking from ‘dieting’ and ‘losing weight’ to ‘self-care’ and taking care of my body would be such a powerful shift. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, I feel like I have my own lil’ health and body Guru and when Oprah scouts you out, I’ll be sure to tell her how much you have changed my life.”

- Lanette J, Longwood, FL


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100% RISK-FREE 'Love It or Leave It' Guarantee!

I am so confident in the power and impact of The Eat, Play, Love, & Live Lifer’s Club that you’re protected by our ‘Love it Or Leave It’ Money Back Guarantee.

If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied, just let us know, and we’ll issue you a full refund. Try out the program out for 30 days, implement everything we share with you –- all the systems, the strategies, the insight — and if you aren’t personally experiencing the magic & power of EPLL, let us know, and we’ll give you a refund, no questions asked.

No wiggle clauses. No shenanigans. My word is gold.

Hurry! The Special Pre-Launch Pricing Ends
February 28th at 11:59pm EST!

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